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Practice in Nuenen (Brabant) for foot reflexology.

Enjoying nine beautiful months together!

Being pregnant is special. A unique new life grows in your womb. You want to enjoy this special time as much as possible. Reflexology can help you with this and gives you and your child moments of peace and relaxation.

Reflexology in preconception, pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy is a special period in your life. During pregnancy your body needs to work hard and many changes take place.
Pregnancy reflexology is aimed at optimizing your health during this important period, so you can get pregnant, have a good pregnancy and it's a good preparation for your childbirth.
During the foot reflex treatments, you make intensive contact with your unborn baby. After birth, treatment will help you recover and rebalance.

Illumination of pregnancy complaints

Foot reflex can provide relief with the following complaints during pregnancy:
- inflammation of the bladder
- diarrhea and irritated bowel
- itchy skin, striae and gall bumps
- sciatica
- gastric acid
- (mild) high blood pressure
- (morning) nausea
- edema
- constipation
- pain in the pelvis
- backache
- insomnia
- mood swings
- fatigue

Breech presentation

Pregnancy reflexology can also be used when turning of your baby is needed.

Past the due date?

Once the due date has elapsed, foot reflex therapy can help to stimulate the delivery.

Treatment of breech presentation and overtime treatment are always in consultation with your obstetrician or gynecologist.

Additional information

Treatment by a reflexology therapist is a good supplement, but never replaces the obstetrician or gynecologist. Most health insurers compensate my treatments in whole or in part, this depends on your additional package.

Because I specialize in maternity reflexology, I can contribute to making a pregnancy as positive as possible.
Increasingly obstetric practices refer pregnant women to a reflexology therapist with this specialization.