Body in Balance

Nicole Prins-Janssen
Laan Ter Catten 82
5673 BC Nuenen

T 06-27 33 30 22 
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Practice in Nuenen (Brabant) for foot reflexology.

Foot reflexology

My practice, Body in Balance, is situated in Nuenen, itself located near bigger cities like Eindhoven, Helmond and Geldrop.

Foot reflexology can, amongst others, alleviate these ailments:

  • digestive complaints like obstipation, colon irritabile,…
  • stress
  • headache and migraine
  • neck-, back-, and shoulder complaints
  • muscle-, and joint complaints
  • sleeping disorders
  • hormonal complaints
  • respiratory problems
  • chronic complaints
  • a totally relaxed feeling

The purpose of foot reflexology is to restore the balance between body and mind. The assumption is that the entire body is represented on the feet. Certain areas on the feet correspond with certain organs or parts of the body, these areas are called reflex zones. Natural processes are supported and promoted by massaging these reflex zones, thereby creating more balance in the body. The self-healing ability of the body is stimulated, where ailments possibly reduce or disappear. In addition, these massages have a very relaxing effect which unwind the body and mind.

During the course of the treatment reactions may occur. These reactions are an indication of a recovery of the balance in body and mind.
These are positive reactions.

Possible reactions during a treatment are:

  • feeling a tingling sensation
  • to become sleepy
  • become warm or cold

Possible reactions after the treatment are:

  • ailments reduce and recovery is induced
  • feeling relaxed, being tired, sleeping better
  • urine may appear darker than usual
  • older ailments may re-appear temporarily to then disappear

Drinking sufficient amount of water has a cleansing effect on the body.